January 23, 2018 1 min read

Katin is stoked to officially announce another new addition to the Katin Explorer team, surfer Zack Flores! We are so excited to continue our surf heritage and to have the Encinitas-born surfer on our roster of explorers. 

Zackory Flores, 17, was born in Encinitas and has since resided in Leucadia, Calif., for 17 years. Growing up in sunny So Cal, it was only natural that Zack found himself out on the ocean as a kid. Zack learned to surf as early as the age 5, but fell in love with various other sports as most kids do, playing football, baseball and more.

For the surf industry’s sake, Zack quit football, freeing more time outside of baseball to dedicate to surfing. Eventually, Zack signed up to join the SSA (Swamis Surfing Association). Through the SSA, Zack met his now mentor and surfboard shaper Jim Phillips.

Jim took Zack under his wing, and taught him everything he knew about building surfboards. Since then, Zack has been making boards at Jim’s shop and spending any other free time surfing.

When Zack isn’t surfing at his favorite spots at the little sandbars from Cardiff to Oceanside, he can be found traveling up the California coast, enjoying the great outdoors and Northern California’s fresh foliage, or simply playing the guitar.

To Zack, being a Katin ambassador is really special to me because of the company's family-rooted history and all of the people involved. 

Follow Zack on his adventures with Katin on Instagram HERE.