Katin By Moonsuits - Care & Warranty

Katin recognizes a 1 year warranty from original purchase date on all seams and neoprene with proof of purchase.  

Please note our warranty only covers defects under normal use and proper care, and you must receive prior authorization from our team before returning your suit.

Warranty claims can be submitted by emailing  support@katinusa.com.

Please include a description and photo/s of the damaged area/s.

Once we receive your email, our team will investigate your claim and will be in touch with the next steps if your wetsuit is to be deemed faulty under our warranty policy. 

Katin is not liable for any items lost in transit. Additionally, customers are responsible for all tracking information on return shipments. Customers are responsible for all costs incurred on shipping warranty item(s) to Katin. Katin will cover shipping cost on replacement or repaired item(s) shipping back to the customer.

We always suggest the proper care of your wetsuit! 

The following will not be covered under our limited warranty policy:

  • UV or sunlight wear and fading
  • All products 365 days after date of purchase
  • Any repairs or alterations done by any party other than Katin,
  • Cuts and any damage to the suit from sharp objects (including fins, surfboards, rocks, barnacles, gravel, fingernails, toenails).
  • Damage to the suit from opening the shipping box with a sharp object
  • Damage to the inside ankle area from incorrect or over-stretching of the suit when pushing your feet through the suit or catching toe and/or finger nails (please watch our videos on how to take on and off your wetsuit).
  • Damage from a washing machine or dryer, damage to the internal taping from wear and tear.
  • Damage from improper storage or hanging.
  • Damage to neoprene from your wetsuits velcro tabs.
  • Damage from velcro leash rope.
  • Damage to zipper from forcefully getting in or out of the suit including but not limited to: slider coming off of zipper teeth, broken zipper teeth, broken slider and broken zipper pull.
  • Products used in commercial environments such as rental or instructing will not be covered under warranty.

Please adhere to the following care instructions and reference our videos below for how to put on and take off your wetsuit properly to extend its life! 

  • Treat with special care! Rinse your wetsuit thoroughly inside and out with fresh water after use.
  • Hang your wetsuit in a dry, shaded area on a smooth surface and do not hang in direct sunlight. When changing, avoid standing on the wetsuit.