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 Katin, California’s original surf company, and non-profit organization A Walk On Water (AWOW) have proudly joined forces for a powerful partnership, centered on surf therapy for children with special needs and their families, as well as celebrating camaraderie and surf culture.

Dale Rhodes, Katin Sales VP and seasoned AWOW surf instructor, first introduced the two surf-enthused entities in 2014. After Katin’s first attendance at an AWOW surf therapy event, the Katin team fell in love with the organization’s cause and Katin and AWOW became partners.

Katin and AWOW are a dedicated family of watermen sharing the therapeutic powers of the ocean with those in need. In addition to offering therapeutic assistance through surfing to children with special needs, AWOW in company with Katin also possess a primary goal of providing relief to families of children with special needs.

AWOW hosts multiple free, day-long events through the year for special needs children and their friends and family. They work to build self-confidence as the kids experience the incomparable thrill of riding the waves and the healing power of the ocean. Katin is excited to join AWOW to share the excitement of surfing with these kids by supporting this powerful cause.

“A Walk On Water takes pride in its relationships with brands that truly understand the meaning of giving back. Because of its roots in early surf culture, the name Katin stands for itself,” said Pat Notaro III, co-founder of A Walk On Water and a Katin Explorer. “If you wore the board shorts, you were a surfer. It was like a badge of honor. Each summer my dad and I would make the trip to the Seal Beach shop and buy boardies. Thanks to my dad and his legacy I am able to re-unite with the iconic Katin surf brand through AWOW and bring the brand’s passion and efforts in partnership with A Walk On Water.”


AWOW Mission Statement:

A WALK ON WATER provides Surf Therapy to individuals with special needs.

We do this by hosting surf therapy events that celebrate and honor courageous kids, adults and their families. For one beautiful day at the beach, there are no labels. Everyone is an athlete.

The goal of Surf Therapy is for the athletes to feel the thrill and confidence that only "A Walk On Water" can provide. Their families are fully supported and cared for as they share a much deserved day of fun, relaxation and respite.

We work closely with the local community, businesses and its volunteers and waterman. It is a true collaboration of likeminded individuals brought together in service of a shared mission - to help others experience the calming and therapeutic effects of the electrifying, living ocean and in the process showcase the best of surf culture.

AWOW's extensive list of partners, along with our structure and volunteer base, bring each Surf Therapy event to life and facilitate an overwhelmingly positive experience for everyone who attends.


Follow Katin (@KatinUSA) and A Walk On Water (@AWalkOnWater) and stay up to date on upcoming events and current happenings.

Photos courtesy of: Trevor Pikhart & Cat Gregory

For more about A WALK ON WATER: www.awalkonwater.org

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