October 03, 2018 1 min read

Katin in the Basque Country from Katin USA on Vimeo.

Stab released a new feature on Katin team riders Zack Flores and Saxon Wilson from our trip to Basque Country. Check out some of our favorite highlights below, watch the full video edit above and see the entire piece online now HERE.  

Chaperoned by Katin team manager and one of Stab favorite lensman, Brandon “Laserwolf” Campbell, as well as Matt Catalano, the two took Joel up on his offer, and got a look at the Old World for the first time, banging around the Basque Country filming in the nooks and crannies along that storied coast, and enjoying the same tutelage from Tudor, Alex Knost, Tyler Warren, and others, that Tudor enjoyed from Nat Young, David Nuuhiwa, and Micki Dora.

 During the Duct Tape, the pair were unmissable, shredding down the Zarautz promenade with their logs in tow, enjoying the region’s loose rules as far as vino goes, and getting a proper worldly education. 

 Scroll south for a look at Zack and Saxon’s summer vacation, and click into the clip above, filmed by Matt Catalano