July 20, 2016 1 min read

HUGE shouts to the fam over at HavocTV who featured Katin. 
"When we think Katin, we think classic. That’s probably because the Katin surf legacy has lived on since its humble beginnings in Surfside, California in the early 60s."

"The brand, which by the mid-60s was firmly entrenched in the budding surf community, became known for creating the best surf trunks around, hand-measuring and hand-stitching every single pair of trunks that was purchased and sold to each surfer. But what’s most impressive about Katin is that even well after 50 years of making California’s first surf trunk, the brand has never strayed away from embracing the California soul and style, and creating threads that exude the beachy California vibe."
Thanks for your kind words and for helping us celebrating classic heritage and future explorations. 
Read the full article on havoc.tv HERE.
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