November 14, 2016 3 min read

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate surf therapy for family and friends with A Walk On Water! 
Here are some highlights from the Bolsa Chica event. 

AWOW, in company with Katin, is comprised of a dedicated family of watermen sharing the therapeutic powers of the ocean with those in need. In addition to offering surf therapy to children with special needs, families in need are provided an entire day of relief, which includes healthy helpings of gourmet breakfast and lunch meals. These events have always been and will always be completely free to the families who attend.

AWOW hosts multiple surf therapy events throughout the year for families of children with special needs and their friends. Surfing works to build self-confidence as the kids experience the incomparable thrill of riding a wave and the healing power of the ocean. Katin is excited to join AWOW in sharing the excitement of surfing with these kids by supporting this powerful cause.

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In the early 1950s Nancy and Walter Katin were in the business of making canvas boat covers. It was upon request from a local surfer that they made the first pair of custom canvas surf trunks. Although the Captain wanted to maintain sole focus on canvas boat covers and sails, word quickly spread about these nearly indestructible surf trunks. By the early 1980s, surf-wear had officially skyrocketed. Some of the biggest names in surfing, from Shaun Tomson and Peter Townsend to Reno Abillero and Gerry Lopez, sported the iconic Katin surf trunks. In 1977, Nancy initiated the annual Katin Pro/Am Team Challenge on the north side of the Huntington Beach pier, allowing amateur surfers the chance to compete alongside the pros. Surf legends such as Kelly Slater and Tom Curren competed and won the Katin Pro/Am. After Nancy passed away in 1986, she left the business to her loyal friend and Katin seamstress Sato Hughes, who began sewing surf trunks for the Katins in 1961, and still crafts custom surf trunks with her own two hands today. Katin takes pride in making California’s first surf trunk and continues its commitment to selling high-quality, lifestyle apparel and durable surf trunks.




A WALK ON WATER provides Surf Therapy to individuals with special needs.

We do this by hosting Surf Therapy events that celebrate and honor courageous kids, adults and their families. For one beautiful day at the beach, there are no labels. Everyone is an athlete. The goal of Surf Therapy is for the athletes to feel the thrill and confidence that only "A Walk On Water" can provide. Their families are fully supported and cared for as they share a much deserved day of fun, relaxation and respite. We work closely with the local community, businesses and its volunteers and waterman. It is a true collaboration of likeminded individuals brought together in service of a shared mission - to help others experience the calming and therapeutic effects of the electrifying, living ocean and in the process showcase the best of surf culture. AWOW's extensive list of partners, along with our structure and volunteer base, bring each Surf Therapy event to life and facilitate an overwhelmingly positive experience for everyone who attends.


Surf Therapy healing us all!

Photos by: Joe Foster