January 19, 2021 1 min read

He’s starred in iconic counter culture surf films such as The Seedling, Sprout and Single Fin Yellow among others, and is known and revered for his smooth yet technical surfing approach. 

We could talk all day about Devon Howard, but for now we’d like to officially welcome him to the Katin team and let him say a few words - 

Katin Welcomes Devon Howard

Among the reasons I love surfing most is the personal freedom of expression it offers me and the fact that you don’t need much gear to do it. 

In ancient times, it was even simpler than today. Early Polynesians and Peruvians rode open ocean swells and cresting waves on both wooden and reed built boats. An even more stripped down version were people riding waves in the shore pound with just their nakedoutstretched bodies.

In the past few hundred years those boats became planks of wood we stood on and the bodies were later covered up by moderate clothing built for wading in the surf.

Devon Howard surfing at Rincon

The overall style of what we now call beachwear evolved into standard issue bottoms that are a must for today’s surfer: board shorts.

When I think of OG board short manufacturers, Southern California’s Katin crew is at the top of that list, and it’s an honor for me to have recently become part of their family. Since 1954 they’vebeen building the best trunks for some of the world's best surfers and I’m looking forward to sharing my surf journey musing and inspirations with them and with you all right here in the blogosphere!

Devon Howard at Rincon

Follow Devon here @devon_howard