January 29, 2016 1 min read

We'd like to welcome our most recent Explorer to our team, Tony Morelli! 
Like a few of our Explorers and Katin was born in the heart of Huntington Beach, Calif. 
Tony learned to surf from his dad, who actually surfed in the very first Katin Pro/Am Team Challenges at the Huntington beach pier. Tony’s father used to stand him up on the nose of his long board at iconic surf spot, San Onofre in San Clemente, and from there a passion for surfing began. Although known for his insane short boarding skills today, Tony actually surfed on a long board at the start of his surf career.
Tony now surfs for the Cal State Long Beach surf team and spends any free time he has surfing up and down the coast of California. Like a true waterman, Tony enjoys any activity associated with the water, from bodysurfing and water polo to swimming and paddling.
Tony also enjoys playing frisbee golf with friends, exploring nature and working with kids as a Lifeguard/Junior Guard Instructor for the city of Huntington Beach.To Tony, being a Katin Explorer is a lifestyle that one lives; an expansion of horizons. To him, the word Explorer is meant for people to think outside of the box, not just the metaphorical box, but the one they live in day in and day out. It means go out and do the things you love.