Rise & Shine: Fall/Holiday '15

September 09, 2015 1 min read

It's time to get up and get exploring friends. With tons of new "made-to-travel" pieces from the new Katin Fall/Holiday '15 collection there's no excuse to not get out there and see something awesome. 
The newly released Fall/Holiday line was influenced by Katin seamstress Sato Hughes and her Japanese heritage, as well as Katin’s birth at the iconic Kanvas By Katin shop in Surfside, Calif.,

Named after the celebrated tradition of the early sunrise “dawn patrol” surf sessions, the “Rise & Shine” Fall/Holiday ‘15 collection beautifully infuses historic surf culture with classic Japanese heritage through woven shades of blue and green complemented by beige and brown, in company with hues of deep purple, plum and indigo.

In designing the physical structure of the garments, Katin creative director Jason Rodriguez drew inspiration directly from Hughes and her dedicated work ethic and unrelenting passion for constructing the iconic Katin surf trunks, since 1961.

“How Sato constructs a garment, what she means to the brand and truly paying homage through the collection to her and the founders Nancy and Walter Katin who initiated the brand attitude of, ‘quality durability, good looks’ in the 1950s,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez also sought the influence of the rare yet celebrated elements from Japanese culture, from the vibrant colors of the rice fields and the dark purple shades signifying wealth and power, to Japanese motif crane patterns and Hughes’s passion for bonsai trees.

Shop the new line for yourself, online now at katinusa.com HERE.