Be An Original

July 27, 2015 2 min read

In a world where everyone desperately pines to be the ultimate originator, now YOU can be apart of the real originals. 
As the creators of California's very first surf trunk right here in the Kanvas by Katin surf shop, we are proud to bring you the "Surf Shop Originals" section on our web store, featuring original cuts, limited-edition patchwork and the iconic K-Man graphic design. 
Shop the new Katin "Surf Shop Originals" online at katinusa.comHEREnow and read the full surf shop story below! 
In 1954, Nancy and Walter “the Captain” Katin opened a small boat cover business called Kanvas by Katin in Surfside, Calif., just north of Huntington Beach. Nancy and Walter originally made a name for themselves by creating virtually bulletproof canvas boat covers. Using hundred-pound-test, waxed-nylon thread and nickel grommets, Nancy and Walter ensured that their canvas boat covers could endure the unpredictability and aggressive nature of the ocean. Per the special request of a few close friends, Walter made a rare exception and with that same durability concept in mind, created a couple pairs of canvas surf trunks utilizing the same boat cover materials. Although the Captain wanted to maintain sole focus on canvas boat covers and sails, word quickly spread about these nearly indestructible surf trunks. By the time surfing made its official mainstream entrance in the mid 1960s, Katin’s swim trunk popularity jumped to even higher acclaim. Some of the biggest names in surfing, from Shaun Tomson and Peter Townsend to Reno Abillero and Gerry Lopez sported the iconic Katin surf trunks.

Over time Nancy Katin became known as the “First Lady of Surfing,” not only for her quality clothing, but for her friendly and maternal nature. Nancy always made sure that their Katin surf shop always had a counter with a couch and a few chairs, so she could sit and chat with the local kids. After Nancy passed away, she left the business to her loyal friend and Katin seamstress, Sato Hughes, who had began sewing trunks for the Katins in 1961, you can still wander into the same Kanvas By Katin Surf Shop in Surfside, Calif., and have yourself measured by Sato herself for a custom pair of surf trunks. Katin continues to take pride in its title as California’s first brand to make surf trunks and continues its commitment to making high-quality, durable goods with the same gracious mellow-hearted attitude since 1954.